These are the highlights, the greatest hits. The full YouTube playlist is available here.

Big-bang disruptors: Michael Tamblyn at The Economist

It's a Canadian-tech-global-innovation-competition story. I talk about Kobo’s genesis, how being Canadian was a strategic asset, how we took on the giants and survived, and life at the intersection of hardware, software, retail and culture.

TechTO: What No One Tells You About Growing an International Business

Seven years in, we know a thing or two about growing a business from a few people in Toronto to twenty four countries and twelve languages. This one is tactical and practical -- things to remember, lessons learned, and why hiring your first employee in a new country is like getting a tattoo on your face.


A Reader's Manifesto: FutureBook 2015

Easily, Shamelessly, Freely, Publicly and Privately - 5 ways to answer how we want to read. And why publishers should be interested in readers, but not creepy interested.

Infinite Shades of Grey: Self-Publishing, Censorship and Scandal

Want to know what managing through crisis looks like? What do you do when you find your company splashed across the front page of a tabloid newspaper? This speech talks about a very tough time at Kobo, a test of our values, what happens when free expression, curation and obscenity collide, and how we came out the other side.

Launching the Kobo Aura H2O

Our first waterproof ereader was THE first waterproof ereader. And who better to help us launch than some very special amphibious guests!

New Kobo Aura H2O - Waterproof and all!

Where I redefine the term "wet suit".